Automatic translation | Natural language processing

Science and technology have enabled a breakthrough in machine translation

Using sophisticated methods of natural language processing, we can create specialist automatic translation systems that are not only tailored to individual needs, but also meet the highest requirements as regards data security. The systems we prepare for you, making use of methods such as deep learning, will provide instant access to high-quality translations, while giving you full control over access to the translated texts.

Natural language processing is making new solutions possible

Natural language processing also enables the creation of solutions that facilitate searching for specific information via the use of semantic data. In this way you can automate the analysis of opinions provided online by customers about your products and services, or search for mentions of selected topics in online publications.

How can you make use of our skills in natural language processing?

We will be pleased to build for you:

  • automatic translation systems customised to your line of business, specialisations and needs
  • tools for multilingual analysis of customer opinions about your services and products, for example using Web crawlers
  • solutions for natural language communication (chatbots, IVR systems, etc.)
  • multilingual lexicons of specialist terminology (knowledge bases, tutorials)
  • other solutions using computer text processing (e.g. document anonymisers, tools for removing sensitive data, etc.)
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