Business process automation

Machine learning helps automate business processes

We create individual solutions that will let you automate complex but repetitive tasks. We develop systems that make instant evaluations of multiple factors, generating reliable, objective results based on the criteria being analysed. We optimise the performance of processes requiring the engagement of large teams of people, building solutions to automate those processes.

Problem-free integration, maximum convenience

We seamlessly integrate our systems with the client organisation’s business processes. In doing this, we make sure to provide even the most complex solutions with modern, functional, user-friendly interfaces, which enable users to handle our products in an intuitive way, without the need for additional training.

Examples of automation of business processes and auxiliary processes

We can help you by creating any of the following for your needs:

  • systems for forecasting sales and warehouse stocks
  • programs for dynamic pricing based on variable criteria
  • decision support systems based on vast data resources (e.g. scoring systems)
  • applications for business trend forecasting
  • tools for automation of repetitive processes (e.g. query handling)
  • advanced search engines for finding key information for your business
  • solutions for use in text analysis (e.g. data anonymisers)
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