Making practical use of Big Data

There is more and more data all around us

With the development of the digital world, quantities of data are snowballing in almost every area of life. Processing this data is no simple task, as it is stored in various databases in inconsistent formats.

We know how to extract hidden knowledge from it

We know how to extract the knowledge contained in diverse data sets, and thus provide you with a competitive advantage. Together, we will ensure that you make maximum use of the available knowledge – for instance, to optimise your business processes. Sales optimisation based on revenue analysis, prediction of future levels of demand and supply, searching for trends and hidden patterns – these are just a few examples of how to make full use of vast data resources.

Your data can work better for you

We will help you make use of the knowledge stored in distributed data sets, by creating for you:

  • programs for integrating data from different sources and enabling the classification of information from different databases
  • diagnostic solutions that automatically analyse data using various machine learning techniques, including supervised learning models (for classification or prediction) and unsupervised models (cluster analysis and anomaly detection)
  • decision systems based on business data and making use of prognostic and econometric models
  • solutions based on simulation models, helping to optimise complex business processes, whether deterministic or involving uncertainty
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