Project report

Objective:Automatic translation of specialist texts and documents
Year deployed:from 2018

TranslAide is an automatic translation system that consists of a browser application linked to a neural network-based translation tool and a translation memory module. It uses the latest technologies to increase the speed of translation several times over, while ensuring full data security.

The building of a system begins with the collection of bilingual documents relating to the client’s line of business. We then organise and format the content. The prepared material is used in a specialist system for translating texts in the field in question. Neural network algorithms compare bilingual sentence pairs in specific contexts, seeking analogies in the translation of expressions, phrases and whole sentences.

The translation tool is now ready to use! New texts in the same subject field are translated by a suitably specialised system, ensuring the correct translation of technical terminology. The system is constantly updated to take account of all changes and newly translated content, meaning that the translation quality is continuously improving.


Technology used

  • CakePHP
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3
  • Vue.js
  • Java
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