Reaktor PWN

Project report

Product:Reaktor PWN
Objective:To build a website to manage specialist IT training
Year deployed:2017

An intuitive and functional portal, built using WordPress technology, developed for the needs of an organiser of intensive courses based on “boot camp” methodology for front-end or back-end developers. The site accepts registrations from people interested in attending the courses, and enables management of these registrations from an administrative panel. Features include a graphical model built from scratch, interface elements that are fully editable by the administrator, integration with the client’s internal systems, and a personalised module for order management. The structure of orders was designed to enable integration with any external invoicing system. The use of the popular Foundation framework in the SCSS version makes further development of the system easier. Page code management is automated using a Bash script, again facilitating further expansion. The use of ready-made WordPress plugins was kept to a minimum, which meant the administrative panel could be kept consistent and intuitive, while also reducing the risk of problems during future updates to the platform. Even though the front-end used the relatively new flexbox technology, care was taken to ensure support for an optimum number of browsers.

Reaktor PWN

Technology used

  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • Foundation
  • SCSS
  • Javascript
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