Online Ordering

Project report

Product:Online Ordering
Objective:Building of a website to handle online wholesale orders.
Year deployed:2012

An online B2B system that presents the products currently offered by a company, and enables the placing of wholesale orders and monitoring of their status. A key feature of the service is that it is fully integrated with the company’s ERP system from SAP, enabling the continuous exchange of data between the two solutions.

The problem

The client company had deployed a sophisticated ERP system from SAP. However, this system did not offer the possibility of online order placement by wholesale customers. It was necessary to build a Web platform as an intermediate layer between customers and the company’s resource database.

The solution

Firms wishing to place wholesale orders communicate with Decora’s internal system via an online B2B platform. This automates the process of placement and handling of such orders. The introduction of automated servicing of B2B customers also eliminated errors in order processing, and enabled warehouse stock levels to be updated in real time. The use of a high-performance search engine significantly reduced the number of customer queries.

The system is based on an MS SQL Server database. This database contains:

  • customers
  • a catalogue of products
  • orders and information on their status
  • warehouse stock levels
  • information required for the pricing of orders, including promotional offers, discounts, delivery costs and transport parameters
  • a set of forms to facilitate the placing of orders
  • information needed to service foreign customers
  • information on customer complaints


  • Simple, automatic order placement for wholesale customers
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Reduced time needed for customer servicing
  • Elimination of errors in manual processing of orders
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Real cost savings due to the automation of business processes in handling B2B customers

We built a solution that was compatible with the extensive and complex ERP system supplied by SAP. Maybe you also have a need to expand the possibilities of your ERP system? Let’s talk about it.

Online Ordering

Technology used

  • CakePHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • SAP
  • XML
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