Project report

Customer:EY Polska (Ernst & Young)
Objective:To develop an automatic translation system based on neural networks, for documents relating to the client’s line of business: auditing, tax consulting and business consulting
Year deployed:2018

Project scope

A system supporting specialist translation in the field of financial consulting and auditing, making use of advanced techniques of machine learning (artificial neural networks). The system can translate specialist documents relating to consulting, auditing, accounting and finance.

The application runs in the client’s local network, greatly facilitating the translation of texts containing specialist terminology, which should always be translated in a consistent manner. The system is trained on carefully selected documents and specialist texts supplied by the client, thus ensuring a very high standard of translation. Additional functions, such as a field-specific dictionary, translation memory and an instant translator for short fragments of text, make the solution convenient to use in a variety of scenarios.

The problem

Employees of EY Poland noticed that most of the documents they translated contained specialist vocabulary which was frequently repeated in regularly generated documents. This applied to both multimedia presentations and long text documents prepared for consulting or auditing purposes. Human translation generates high costs, while failing to ensure the consistent translation of specialist terminology, particularly when different translators are used. The EY team concluded that the translation process could be made much more efficient with the use of a suitably constructed computerised system.

The solution

Using a large and carefully selected set of legal, consulting and audit documents, collected through various international resources, as well as a relatively small package of documentation supplied by the client, we trained an automatic translation system using the technique of artificial neural networks. The final form of the system, which includes a specialist translation tool, a translation memory storing all previously made translations, a specialist dictionary, and an instant translator for short text fragments, was developed in line with the wishes of its users, with the aim of making their work as convenient and effective as possible.


    • very significant reductions in translation costs • faster translation of long documents • elimination of additional work involving outside translators • elimination of the risk of overlooking serious errors of substance • faster preparation of presentations for foreign-language clients • consistency in the translation of specialist terminology relevant to financial consulting services and auditing

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Technology used

  • Marian
  • CakePHP
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • Vue.js
  • Java
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