Project report

Objective:A platform for learning modern logistics
Year deployed:2020

A project partly funded by the Erasmus+ programme, carried out in cooperation with the Poznań School of Logistics, FH Joanneum M.B.H. and CIS – Scuola per la Gestione D’Impresa.

Project scope

The project involved building an innovative e-learning platform available in four languages (English, Polish, German and Italian) enabling users to learn logistics in the era of the Internet of Things and Logistics 4.0. A website was also created to provide information about the project.

The problem

With the ever growing importance of international transportation and the presence of new technologies in logistics, lecturers at the Poznań School of Logistics saw a need for a system supporting the learning of modern logistics. The nature of the subject and the desire to unify the material taught at European level led to the idea of international collaboration supported by the Erasmus+ programme.

The solution

Making use of educational materials supplied by our partners, we customised the Moodle platform to meet the needs of the LLIL project. Using specially designed questionnaires, users can discover whether they are Innovation Designers or Innovation Absorbers, and thus gain access to a personalised learning path. The platform also implements soft skills which are essential for the remainder of the courses. The results of tests are used to create personalised learning paths. Users of the platform acquire new skills in designing and implementing innovations in logistics, and obtain knowledge relating to modern logistics. Interactive presentations and quizzes enable the effective memorisation of information and provide continuous testing of the knowledge acquired by students. The exercises solved by students include gamification features (tasks are presented in the form of attractive games).


  • personalised learning paths that match the student’s personality
  • more effective access to knowledge on innovative logistics
  • gamification features that make learning more appealing

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Technology used

  • Moodle
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
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