Project report

Customer:English teacher - private entrepreneur
Objective:A foreign language learning system
Year deployed:desktop program 2012
online app 2015
mobile app 2019

Project scope

A system for learning English, intended for both teachers and students.

This e-learning platform enables study by individual users and the organisation of learning by teachers. Marketplace functionality lets teachers manage their groups after purchasing the appropriate licence.

Engbook lets the student assimilate English language knowledge quickly, effectively and permanently, and provides excellent support in memorising large amounts of vocabulary. Unlike standard language courses, the system supports teacher–student collaboration. The teacher chooses suitable sets of exercises for a selected student or group of students, from the vast collection available in the system. The platform then actively assists the teacher in checking the students’ progress.

The problem

A high school English teacher observed that the traditional way of doing homework was unsuited to the needs of students, who are able and eager to make use of multimedia devices. The teacher saw very great potential in using the available technologies to support language learning. He also noticed that other teachers were producing original methods and teaching materials, but had no means of sharing them. Existing collections of materials could not be used methodically in a way that was interesting to students, did not support revision, and kept no records of work done and progress made.

The solution

The teacher came to us with a request to develop a computer program that would implement his ideas for English language teaching. We first created a desktop program (2012), which in time developed into a website (2015). In 2019 we also launched a mobile version of the system.

The application offers a “memoriser” system for learning words. Videos make learning grammar easier, while listening exercises help students acquire natural English pronunciation. Teachers have the ability to manage groups of students. They can make use of more than 1000 exercises provided with the system. They can set homework, which is then marked automatically, with statistics on the results made available to teachers. Individual users can select exercises according to their needs. They can monitor both the history of their work and their results. They have access to individual dictionaries, and the system automatically creates plans for the revision of words learnt, which it supports by means of tests and feedback.


  • The creation of a free site for English language learning for individual users represents a marketing advantage for the inventor and the site owner
  • The system is offered to teachers on purchase of a licence, thus monetising the solution and bringing additional profits
  • The availability of the service to teachers and its use in private language teaching (work with groups of students) popularise the platform and encourage its further development

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Technology used

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • MySQL
Neural Machine Translation System Our Translator