Project report

Customer:Vector Synergy
Objective:A system for improving cybersecurity practices
Year deployed:2017

Project scope

CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform) is a unique training system for improving experts’ practical skills in detecting and responding to cyberattacks. CDeX training is an example of practical knowledge acquisition through experience. The training takes place in real time.

Our task was to write software for the CDeX system in line with the requirements of the project’s initiator, Vector Synergy.

The problem

Vector Synergy provides consulting services in cybersecurity on an international scale. Its activities cover IT security consulting, penetration tests, computer forensics and data recovery, permanent or temporary monitoring of an organisation’s security, and training in IT security. In 2015 the company decided to build a computer platform enabling the training of teams responsible for the security of IT architectures. Vector Synergy came to us with a proposal to create software in line with their vision for the platform.

The solution

CDeX Scheme

The resulting platform simulates a situation in which the Blue Team is attempting to protect a firm’s local network against threats resulting from standard Internet user activity, simulated by the Grey Team, and malicious attacks launched by the Red Team. Trainees play the role of the Blue Team. The goal is for trainees to develop the ability to protect an organisation against all of the possible threats present in global networks.


  • delivery of a platform simulating threats related to traffic in global networks
  • enabling of modern training in cybersecurity
  • inclusion of gamification features in advanced cybersecurity training

If you are concerned about protecting your business against the threats present in global networks, let’s talk about how we can help you.


Technology used

  • LibVirt
  • CakePHP
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
Neural Machine Translation System Our Translator