What processes and actions can be automated with machine learning?

Machine learning can be used to automate all repetitive processes based on the processing of large quantities of data. For example, machine learning methods can be of enormous assistance in the process of planning and projecting future sales within a defined time interval. A large amount of diverse data relating to the sales environment may pose a serious challenge to a human analyst – it is not always easy to get a grasp on the whole set of data all at once. However, a system based on suitably selected machine learning algorithms can perform such a task without becoming tired, always returning results that are precise and reliable.

Solutions based on machine learning methods can also be of use in dynamic pricing. Based on a full set of data on the rates offered by competitors, an automated system can suggest prices at a specified level – the second lowest, the cheapest, etc. It can do this in the blink of an eye, even for several hundred prices, all being analysed continuously. This kind of automated decision-making can give you a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace, without having to expand your team of analysts.

Machine learning can also serve to automate repetitive actions like supplying answers to similar questions. Of course, there are many other applications as well. So get in touch with us, and let’s discuss what we are able to do for you.

We can help you by creating for your needs:

  • systems for sales forecasting and inventory planning
  • programs for dynamic pricing based on variable criteria
  • systems supporting decision-making processes based on extensive data resources (e.g. credit scoring)
  • applications for business trend forecasting
  • systems for customer behaviour profiling
  • tools for the automation of repetitive processes (e.g. handling queries)
  • advanced search engines for key information for your business
  • solutions useful in the field of text analysis (e.g. data anonymisers)
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