How long does it take, on average, to build a specialist automatic translator?

Building a specialist automatic translation tool lasts on average about a month. This is the time we need to collect bilingual documents from the customer’s field of interest, to order the content, to train the system, and to deploy it in the customer’s organisation. Previously translated texts, supplied to us by the customer, are extremely useful. The more of them there are, the better the system can be adjusted to the subject matter of the texts encountered by the organisation. However, if a customer is not in a position to supply translations, it will be our task to find suitable texts for use in training the system – specific to the customer’s line of business.

The use of different alphabets in texts is no obstacle to automated translation. We have experience in the handling of texts from various language families, the best example being our Hebrew–Polish dictionary (https://ai.pwn.pl/en/our-projects/hebrajski). If for a given language pair there are few direct translations available for use in training the system, we can also make use of an intermediate language. For example, for the purposes of translation between Polish and Chinese, apart from direct translations between those two languages, we can also utilise Polish–English and English–Chinese translations.

We have many years of experience in automated translation – we were the pioneers of the technique in the Polish market (https://ai.pwn.pl/en/our-projects/translatica). There are no barriers that we are not able to overcome.

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