How are machine learning systems programmed?

Every second, uncountable quantities of new data – text, numbers, graphics – are created throughout the world. Using machine learning, a computer acquires the ability to make projections and take decisions based on the information given to it. Programming machine learning systems involves telling the computer what data it should use and how, in order to learn to perform desired actions. As machine learning specialists, we are able to select an optimum learning method for a particular purpose, and then adjust it to obtain the desired effects. We are also able to program our systems so that the learning process takes as little time as possible, and so that the deployed solution will be continuously perfecting itself.

The data sets used to train the system should be relatively large, but they do not need to be ordered. For complex analyses, we often use unordered and non-uniform data. If you possess this kind of resources (for example, past years’ sales data, historical information on insurance policies issued and claims paid out, or data on your customers), our task will be to use these resources to bring benefits to your business. By skilfully merging data of this type, we are able to extract highly useful knowledge, which can be used to improve – for example – your company’s decision-making, commercial and claims handling processes.

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