Can artificial intelligence methods be used for customer profiling?

The term “profiling” means the determination of a customer’s type based on data concerning that person, in order to adjust the product information presented to individuals so as to meet their current needs. Data about customers may come directly from the customers themselves, but can also be obtained from an analysis of their past network behaviour. Artificial intelligence methods enable the analysis of customer behaviours based on huge quantities of information that are continuously being collected. As a result, the adjustment of product information to customer needs takes place fully automatically, ensuring maximum conformance to purchasers’ expectations.

Remember that, although the creation of customer models and profiles can have a very positive effect on financial results, it must be done in accordance with the law, particularly the rules relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The analysis of vast sets of data about customers – followed by the creation of profiles of common types of customers – can undoubtedly increase sales on e-commerce platforms, and also reduce losses in banking and insurance, for example. Place of origin, seasonal behavioural patterns, gender and age are just some of the practically unlimited number of parameters that artificial intelligence methods can help analyse in categorising your customers. Such methods can also help detect previously unrecognised relationships among customer behaviours, allowing you to go way beyond the existing possibilities of profiling.

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