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Your success depends on your idea, your efforts, and the technology that supports you. We are sure you have a great team. We can provide great software that will support your idea. We are scientists with a high level of business experience. We develop custom AI/ML solutions fast and to a high standard. We will find the right solution to get your assets working more effectively for your profits.

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At PWN AI, we can share with you the latest scientific knowledge about machine learning. Using information technologies, we can turn that knowledge into practical solutions that will make your key planning and management processes more effective, and enable you to take objectively measured decisions based on knowledge extracted from vast data resources. We will also help increase your profits, because in the information era, making better use of data brings a huge competitive advantage. Our systems will give you that advantage.

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Artificial intelligence systems are able to support decision-making mechanisms in practically every line of business. Machine learning enables the construction of systems that make use of the knowledge contained in vast data resources, of a kind that humans would not be able to analyse on a realistic time-scale. Based on properly chosen methods of machine learning, solutions can be developed that will learn to analyse numerical or text data at astonishingly high speed. With our business experience, combined with scientific knowledge in the field of machine learning, we can rapidly select optimum machine learning methods to face even the toughest challenges. Time and cost savings, the possibility of making decisions based on reliable objective data, and the ability to forecast future trends are just some of the many benefits that these methods bring. Artificial intelligence systems are a source of competitive advantage, and will thus help you to maximise your profits.

Business process automation

The complexity of business decision-making, requiring the simultaneous analysis and evaluation of a wide range of variables and parameters, is a clear reason to give serious consideration to automating these actions. We can create custom solutions that will perform complex analyses in the blink of an eye, making it easy to reach decisions which are much more accurate than those produced even by large teams of analysts. Moreover, these systems will not suffer from tiredness or unreliability …

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Making practical use of Big Data

Every second, uncountable quantities of new data are produced all over the world. This data can be a source of invaluable knowledge, but you need to have the ability to extract that knowledge. We will help you acquire useful information from available resources, and then make use of it with the help of practical tools supporting business and decision-making processes. Use the available data to give yourself the competitive advantage you need.

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Automatic translation | Natural language processing

We can facilitate the development and international scalability of your business by creating automatic translation systems based on methods such as deep learning. Computer tools for language processing also provide opportunities for instant analysis of texts, such as customer opinions about your products and services. And there are many more applications besides…

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Education | E-learning

Modern education requires carefully selected knowledge, attractive multimedia presentation, and secure remote access at any time from any device. When standard forms of education are complemented with exercises in an environment simulating real conditions, gamification features, and a forum for sharing experiences, they will effectively encourage every student to learn and develop, regardless of their age or level of education. We will be happy to help you achieve this.

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PWN AI creates practical solutions for the analysis of numerical and text data. By making use of the latest technologies and scientific knowledge, our solutions can improve the key current decision-making processes and make everyday planning and management more effective. Our business experience and scientific knowledge in the field of machine learning enable us to select the most suitable methods for a specific task. This ensures that our solutions will be highly effective, and significantly reduces the time needed to customise them to your needs.

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